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                          S O I L 

The gardener has to handle five types of Soil.
Arid - Semi-Aired - Fertile - Wet - Marshy
ie. Acidic to Alkaline. The type of soil can be ascertained
by a pH meter. Normal reading on the pH meter should
be around 5.5 to 6.5 general for Garden Plants & Shrubs.

                               M A N U RE 

The Manure you get from the market is usually infected with
bacteria and fungus. This is the main cause for germination
of Pests. Since we are going to have an organic garden, we
therefore do not recommend us of Chemicals. I suggest we do 
the following to prevent us attacks by pests.
1. Spread the manure on a plastic sheets as it arrives.
2. Sprinkle with dry ginger, clove and garlic powder, moist the
    manure and let it dry under the Sun.
3. Once dried, spread it on the flower bed and keep it moist
    This will be an antidote for prevention of pests to a large
4. Soak the mulch in a pale of water for 3/4 days., drain the
    mulch and spray it on the plant, an old method, yet useful

                                  P L A N TS

It will an exhaustive text if I mentioned each and every plant.
So we will mention requirement is general. Plants health, 
growth is directly related to its roots, having got rid pest. 
It is the temperature of the soil for where it gets its nutrients.
In Summer there is a rise in temperature, hence to cool the 
ground, spread your fresh lawn cutting, mixed with hay and
keep it moist. It will work with temperatures up to 120 F.
Flowers will bloom as normal.
You have noted that after a both you feel fresh Yes
Yet ever thought of giving your plants a bath
( spray) once 
A while. NO.
It will be flush Green when you do so.                   

                            R O O T S

The best solution provided by Nature is Earth Worms, it keeps
digging holes in the soil .to keep its supply of oxygen to the 
The roots are mainly effected by lack of oxygen, or the soil is
effected by germs in the soil. To retify the situation, cut an
onion in four pieces and bury it deep in the soil,dig at six to 
eight inches. This method is also applicable to Fruits trees
as well.
                             F L O W E R S

Flowers are delicate pieces of Nature's atrtisry, short lived.
Do not grow flowers too close, congested to  please your eye
Your garden is not a Flower Shop, spread them apart, it will
bloom faster and give larger flowers.. The beauty lies in its
elegence and majesty. This applies to both seasonal and prennials.
Keep Cut flowers in room Teperature at 74 F it will last longer
Do not Chill it. It will fade away soon.
Dry Flowers this will be taken as a seperate text to come later.
I have made myself as brief as possible, yet have made an 
interesting text to be used in the Hand Book Guide under preperation.

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