Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How to Save Water in Gardening

How to save Water in Gardening                        

Plants use 10-15 % of water, the rest goes as seepage. Keeping in view of shortage of Water.

Here is what I do.

Take a pet Bottle, make a small hole in the Cap, and a larger hole in the Bottom, fill with Water,
and press the Head in soil at 45 degree angle, it will start drip action, keeping the soil moist round the clock. It will take a week or more to consume. This can be done in Flower Pots ad in Flower Beds. In flower beds keep a distance of a yard apart.

I had done this when I left for a week for upcountry. My plants were all fresh on my return

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Organic Spray

RED ONION use for :- carrots, rabbits, ice rata, weevils, Helps Roses, Scales, aphids, thrips and mites.

Juice of the whole plant, Bacterial rots,cabbage, butterfly trap. a general insect repellent

MENTHA Juice of the whole plant, General pests control
Mice, Rats, Ants, Aphids, Flea Beetles mosqitoes, gnats,
Cabbage white Butterfly, Caterpillars

NASTURTIUM  Juice fwhole,plant,white aphids,Nwmatodes,Mealy bugs

BASIL All pests, diseases of tomatoes, Bud worms, russet
mites,Mosquitoes,Tomatoe mite, red legged earth mites

CASTOR OIL PLANT Pests vine nite, rust mite, grape wine moth, hawk moth, scales, cucurbitceae, worms

SAGE Juice of the whole plant, General insect repellent
especially for caterpillars, Bud worm, army worm, Sawflies, Web worm, cut worm, Poatato moth, cluster caterpillars, Spitfire, Aphids

ELDER juice of the plant icluding flowers, Diseases and pests of beans,blossom thrips,bean fly, pod borers,angularleaf spot,leaf roll, rust

These are some juices to be sparyed in diluted form, some may require spray 3/4 times to be effective, Be patient it takes time to produce result.

I hope this will serve your purpose.

B Shah