Friday, February 14, 2014


There is a classic story, shared in many cultures, 
of an elderly man digging vigorously, working hard 
at planting a tree.
A stranger passing by, observing the old man,
points out to him that his efforts are in vain.
“You foolish old man”, says the stranger, “don’t 
you realize you’re elderly and will never live to see 
the fruits of your labor.”
“I know,” responds the older gentleman, with a 
twinkle in his eyes.
“I have no pretensions of living forever. This tree, 
however, is not for me. I am planting it for my 
grand children. And that is why I haven’t a 
moment to waste.”
Some sow to remember generations past, others 
plant with future generations in mind, and still 
others, to celebrate the moment.
For most, a tree is planted in memory of someone 
close to their hearts who has passed away. A 
family member, friend or close acquaintence.
It is our way of keeping their memory alive.
In a sense, a tree is the gift that keeps on 
Others, derive enjoyment in presenting a gift of a 
tree to someone celebrating a happy event.
It’s the perfect gift for people of all faiths.

Everyone feels a sense of pride knowing the 

world’s a little bit better, a little bit richer, a little 

bit greener, because of them.

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