Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mouth Arabian Sea
Location Indus River Delta, Pakistan
Length 3,200 km (1,988 mi)
Basin 1,165,000 km2 (449,809 sq mi)
Discharge - average 6,600 m3/s (233,077 cu ft/s)

The Indus River provides key water resources for the economy of Pakistan - especially the Breadbasket of Punjab province, which accounts for most of the nation's agricultural production, and Sindh. The word Punjab means "water of five rivers" and the five rivers are Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas and Sutlej, all of which finally merge in Indus. The Indus also supports many heavy industries and provides the main supply of potable water in Pakistan.

Source Wikipedia
I am constrained to bring some points to the attention of the
authourites oncerned on the present condition of the Indus

The rare photo (1912-1914) shows the steam boat carrying passegers on the Indus 100 years ago.

Now look at the present state of the river, it banks flooded, undrendged for the past 100 years.

The Mississipe river in USA is drenched every four years, hence boats and barges move freely up and down

I therefore suggest that we build Artificial Lakes along the banks
to reduce flood damage and at the same time water stored will be useful
during draughts preiods

These Lakes can also be used to save the Marine life including the endagered species the Blind Dolphin

If we fail to action now, I fear that
in some years Indus may change its course

B Shah

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